We present you here our whole kites range which were built for a particular program. Every kite presents a specific shape because most of the current wings get this versatility looked for by all the kitesurfers, with however an asserted speciality: freeride, freestyle, wakestyle, race, surfing or waves, or still hydrofoil so getting a very high level of control and safety for every rider. Finally, we took time to reflect one-winged of kitesurf more specific child in construction and its ratio weight / strength of wind.

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  • furia_c2_3-4gauche
    Sizes List Price Family Price
    6m 1000€545,83€
    7m 1041,67€562,50€
    8m 1083,33€587,50€
    9m 1125€604,17€
    10m 1166,67€637,50€
    11m 1208,33€670,83€
    12m 1250€695,83€
    13m 1291,67€737,50€

    Kite Furia Alpha Series

  • skoop_c3_3-4-gauche
    Sizes List Price Family Price
    7m 1041,67€570,83€
    9m 1125€612,50€
    11m 1208,33€654,17€
    13m 1291,67€695,83€

    Skoop Kite Alpha Series

  • wookbleucielbleufonceune
    Sizes List Price Family Price
    4m 875€495,83€
    5m 916,67€520,83€
    6m 958,33€537,50€
    7m 1000€562,50€
    8m 1041,67€579,17€
    9m 1083,33€604,17€
    10m 1125€629,17€
    12m 1208,33€662,50€
    14m 1291,67€729,17€

    WOOK kite ALPHA Series