SynapS Bar Light Wind

Improve light winds performance for kites larger than 12m

Dedicated to kites larger than 12 m2

Faster kite turning

Improve low end performances

55 cm wide control bar

28 meters long flying lines

Absolut System Loop (ASL) Push Away & One Click reconnection

Integrated safety line into PU tube

PU moulded dick

AFNOR standart NF S52-503

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The SynapS Bar Light Wind is our kitesurf control bar 55 cm wide with 28 m high quality flying lines designed to boost the performances of all our Takoon kites model from 12 m2 to 17 m2.

The wider bar improve kite reactiveness and speedup kites turning while the longer lines improve the low end performances and help you to start in lighter winds by at least 2 knots wind less.

3 years of R&D, prototypes testing in order to offer a simple, efficent, ergonomic control bar with unique & exclusive functions!

Our SynapS Bar universel est matching the AFNOR NF S52-503 standard.

SynapS Bar Light Wind with unique quick release.

Our R&D focused on the quick release functions in order to offer the unique & simple Absolut System Loop or ASL. This new push away quick release with one click closing. Easy to use the ASL can be activated with efforts lower than 10N and can be re-connected one hand easily.

The Absolut System Loop One Clic Push Away quick release is equiped of an un-twist head bloc which is matching the SynapS center bar shape. Riders can proceed with rotation tricks without thinking of the flying lines.

The one click reconnection of the Absolut System Loop is simplified and can be achieved one hand without pushing up the opening handle.

The front lines trim system is controlled by a small size 5 cm Clamcleat located on top the depowerline. You can easily adjust kite power by small increments in a very short time. The trim handle is covered with a soft velcro face in order to stick it on the clam cleat and avoid the trim rope to fly in your lines.

The moulded PU dick with two diameters shape is easy to engage into your harness hook and lock your chicken loop in securly.

New hardware parts

The SynapS Bar Light Wind was designed overall to make it easy to use. The stainless steel center bar is inserted into two alloy 6061 tubes mainly used for aiplanes main structures. The 6061 alloy is having high corrosion resistance quality as well as high bending strength capacities.

The whole bar is covered with a unique EVA diamonds grip with regular red side left hand for more convenience.

The new EVA bar ends are soft enough to protect surf boards from shock and stiff enough to maintain flying lines up in all circumstances. Storing lines area is wide enough to roll your lines even with extension smoothly & easily.

The steering lines are protected with a PU tube to keep them up all time & make them softer and handy.

The safety line is connected to one front line only to ensure the best kite depower possible. Its is now fully integrated into our depower line which protect it perfectly from any tear & wear. Both the safetyline & depowerline are into an independant chambers and cannot be twisted together. This safety line setup is making bar movements smoother either up and down or tis rotation.

The SynapS Bar is supplied with high quality pre stretched 28m flying lines.

Technical Features

  • 55 cm bar wide
  • stainless steel center bar
  • Alloy 6061 tubes
  • 28 m high quality flying lines with Y setup
  • push away Absolut System Loop with one click reconnection
  • depower integrated Safety Line into independant chambers connected on just one frontline
  • AFNOR standard S52-503
Weight: 1.2 kgs / 2.6 lbs

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In action

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