Thermo Harness

Maximal préservation for ride hard

Support, comfort and style.
“Push button” system
Pre-formed 3D design

Sizes : S | M | L

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Thermo Harness
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Our harnesses are designed so that every rider finds what he/she is looking for and sets a maximum of pleasure. The sharing of charges was at the heart of our development. The construction using materials top of the range is comfortable and solid.

The Thermo waist harness remain the reference for the rider who wishes to obtain an excellent preservation, a robustness of the materials for an optimal commitment in navigation.

The preformed shape is strengthened at the level of the vertebral column by 3D K-Block. Indeed, the foam doubles density thermo-molded is strengthened partially median, bringing a real and important dorsal support.Thermo waist harness has a very wide belt, which will allow you to have one wrinkle committed by having a freedom of movement by preserving a support lumbar vertebra maximal, and so adapting itself to all the morphologies.


Correspondence cuts / Waist measurement (cm):

  • S : 67 – 77 cm.
  • M : 78 – 88 cm.
  • L : 89 – 100 cm.

For which rider ?

Thermo is a harness forthe intermediate rider to expert who is going to favor the intense sessions freestyle, techniques were onhooked and unhooked loops.

Technical Features

· maximal dorsal preservation
· 3D shape foam EVA doubles density
· 3D K-Block dorsal median
· soft finish néoprène soft anti-irritation
· encircle internal lumbar vertebra of preservation with scratch closure 
· line Handle pass tubée with stainless rings in every extremity
· spreader bar doubled foams néoprène with location for cutting lines
· system of opening of the buckle of harness with fast binding
· color bronze

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T. Attila
  on 02/07/2018
Harnesses are very comfortable.
K. Kaupo
  on 17/07/2017
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