Surf ICON convertible foil

Surf Strapless & Foil


Surf shape/ modern strapless
Foil Convertible
US Box 25.4x9cm
Exclusive FLAX BIOTEK  (linen) construction
Performance and easy to hand


Sizes : 5'3

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ICON convertible Foil
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Built on the basis of our Surf  ICON 24L, the ICON Convertible Foil is a unique board. This is the ultimate surfkite weapon for all riders who are looking for a kitesurf directional board to progress quickly in freestyle strapless and foil surfing. The convertible icon foil is the perfect balance between these two disciplines.

Icon Convertible Foil, the Surf Kite ecological and sustainable

Ecological & Durable The ICON Convertible Foil is a Surfkite made of flax fiber, boasting FLAX BIOTEK technology, on which you can secure your foil, versatility without compromising performance!

This compact shape adapts perfectly to the practice of surfkite and foil. The equilibrium point is very easy to find and quickly puts you at ease to let go strapless, surf and foil.
The convertible icon is a 3 in 1 board to face all conditions.
The board accelerates quickly and never seems to saturate. Nervous and responsive ICON convertible foil is ultra comfortable in choppy and engaged parties.

Surprisingly easy, the new ICON proves to be very powerful when you push it as much in freestyle surfing as in Foil.


A surfkite Foil Freestyle


At Surf, the ICON Convertible Foil reacts well to track changes and offers a very playful behavior with excellent responsiveness.
The surfboard with ease and fluidity, the grip on the bottom is powerful and the board reacts to the slightest solicitations and demonstrates excellent responsiveness and speed.

In freestyle the ICON is explosive making it an ideal board for a strapless practice. Its compact shape makes it possible to have absolute control of the board and favors the rotations and the catch of wind in jump.

Easy to access, this Foil surfkite will allow you to learn and progress quickly in practice thanks to its feel and control of the foil.
ICON Convertible Foil and hyper effective. Comfortable in navigation and very stable, L’Icon has a perfect balance with the foil fin. A long work has been done to obtain a resistant and extremely stable board.

The specifications were clear: do not sacrifice any of the 3 disciplines, and the ICON Convertible Foil meets all these requirements.

Design & Shape

  • 3 parts diamond pad
  • Rear pad kicker
  • Honeycomb fins
  • Future fin box
  • US Box 25.4x9cm
  • The board is having footstraps inserts for M6 x 23 screws
  • Volume 24 liters

Range of Use


Technical Features

  • 3 parts diamond pad
  • Rear pad kicker
  • Honeycomb fins
  • Sliding rail US BOX
  • US Box 25.4x9cm
  • The board is having footstraps inserts for M6 x 23 screws
  • Volume 24 liters
SizeUnitsLengthWidthNaked WeightFull Weight
5'3Metric:160 cm45 cm4.2 kg4.520 kg
Imperial:5 317 5/79.3 lbs10 lbs
Sizes List Price Family Price
5'3 908,33€533,33€

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