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Sizes : 210x45 | 230x45

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Big brother of the Alaia the Tiki is distinguished by its size 210 x 45cm / 230 x 45cm and its evolved design. The board has a scoop, channel and a central fin. This is making the Tiki perfect tool to go where you want with a great ability to go upwind how strong the wind is. It’s easy access even for people who never rode strapless. Once you find your optimum front / rear balance the Tiki glides over the water like a swan with class and smoothness.

It is a fgreat lightwind weapon and surprisingly it performs just as well in 30 knots of wind. With its small fin it can ride with very little water deep (where the hydrofoils cannnot approach :)). It lets have fun on the flat and its able to surf small waves.

In summary, a wide range of use in all waters, for all age groups, from amateur to expert. And best of all, it will not clutter the garage because it can take place in the living room so it is nice and green.

We shall favor the TIKI 210 for its playful and very handy side, which will allow to evolve faster for jibes, tackings etc and more player in waves also and which caps all the same well.

Also, we shall turn to the TIKI 230 for its exceptional rise in the wind, the lightwind sessions and obviously the big downwind sessions 

Technical Features

  • Paulownia & fiberglass
  • G10 fin
SizeUnitsLengthWidthNaked WeightFull Weight
210x45Metric:210 cm45 cm6.46 kg6.52 kg
Imperial:6 1117 5/714.2 lbs14.4 lbs
230x45Metric:230 cm45 cm7.47 kg7.53 kg
Imperial:7 717 5/716.5 lbs16.6 lbs
Sizes List Price Family Price
210x45 700€458,33€
230x45 783,33€491,67€

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