Kite Furia Alpha Series


Freestyle / Freeride / Vagues Performance
Ultra Versality All Round
Vivacity & Solidity

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Furia Alpha Series
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The FURIA Alpha series, our versatile and successful kite is our again in a brand new dress, more lively, answering in almost automatic mode to smooth control.

Freeride, Waves, Freestyle, Speed, Hydrofoil, the FURIA Alpha series will show high versatility and precision.

This kite, accessible to any levels, will match easily to most riding styles even if you push it hard to its limits!

High Performances

The FURIA Alpha series generates a constant pull which is surprising whatever the wind strength is. This improved flying stability offer a stable  bar control, without third movements, getting easy flies. Nevertheless, the FURIA Alpha series requires a smooth control in low wind range to generate its best.

The FURIA Alpha series is having light bar pressure while hooked, and also a good balance unhooked. Its efficiency and its speed rotation have been increased, especially in the largest sizes, without questioning its simplicity of use which made the FURIA a best seller since its beginning. The FURIA Alpha series perform best and is more stable without un wished movement.

All round

The predictive performances of the FURIA Alpha series made it versatile, you can easily place it as you wish in order to boost its performances whatever the wind conditions are.

The FURIA Alpha series offers precise jumps and an excellent lift. The good feedback from the bar helps to find the right timing in control. While surfing, the FURIA Alpha series will place right where you wish in the flight window. Its good depower and fast turns will boost your bottom’s in all wind conditions. On the other hand the Furia is performing great in its high wind range of use

Heavy duty & reactiveness

With our new double ripstop canopy all the ALPHA Series Kites gets more reactiveness by controlling the deformation of the kite in gusts. ALPHA Series Kites are more rigid with an outstanding durability.

The new construction in TechnoForce Ripstop Double canopy allows very high resistance. We do not introduce any more the famous high-density canopy with strong structure, made up of double resistant threads. Its capacity to absorb various shocks & strength at the sewing level &  crossed panels is reinforced. its high air proof specs and its heavy duty construction generate outstanding performances to the ALPHA Series Kites.

Sold as kite only: Need some bar: Takoon Synaps Bar universal

Design & Shape


The FURIA Alpha series is a 5 struts kite equipped with a 4 lines system, which generates the best ratio performance / control. The lightness combined with the rigidity of the FURIA Alpha series, build out of double ripstop Technoforce, makes it the most manoeuvrable kite in our range.

With its moderated aspect ratio the FURIA Alpha series is an easy access kite requiring soft piloting. Fast and nicely balanced to ride always under control, whatever the wind conditions are.

The FURIA Alpha series, is definitely an ultimate Performance kite with the widest wind range.

For which rider ?

Freeride, Surfing, Freestyle, Wakestyle, Hydrofoil, The FURIA ALPHA is made for you.

The FURIA Alpha series is designed for the riders who look for a fast & quick turning kite, with light bar pressure and efficient depower to cover a wide wind range.

  • FREESTYLE: The FURIA Alpha series offers a precise jump and an excellent lift. The good feedback from the bar helps to get the right timing. Its reactiveness and its manoeuvrability make the FURIA alpha the ideal weapon for kitesurf loop. Furia offers an incredible pop to cross all your tricks unhooked.
  • SURFKITE / VAWES: While surfing, the FURIA Alpha series is easy to place exactly where you wish right in the window side. His depower and its fast turns help you to achieve the best rollers.
  • FREERIDE : The FURIA Alpha series kite performs well in its high wind range. Its fast depower will allow you to be easy even in gusty wind.
  • WAKESTYLE : FURIA Alpha series combines power and rotation speed, it is ideal for all the riders which looks to Slide module or to send Kiteloops.

Windrange (knots)

Minimum Wind191716151413109
Maximum Wind3535302725222019
Wind ranges are indicative and are given for a 75kg / 165 lbs rider equiped with a Twin Tip board and with 22m flying lines. They can be increased by 1 kt per 10 kg aditional body weight.
Never get out in too strong conditions in regards of your level / weight. Always follow safety rules related to kiting activities.

Technical Features

  • Freeride and Surfkite
  • One Pump inflate system
  • High flow Inflate / deflate valve
  • Requires a 17mm standard connector
  • Teijin TechnoForce canopy
  • Eurocord flying lines
  • Heavy duty reinforcements
  • Kite delivered with :
    • back pack carry bag.
    • Users ‘s manual
    • Repair kit

Range of Use

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Based on 2 customer(s) reviews
  on 12/10/2017
Good quality
E. Oliver
  on 27/07/2017
The quality is as usual top!I can not say something about the handling of the kite, because I will use it first in august.
Sizes List Price Family Price
6m 1000€545,83€
7m 1041,67€562,50€
8m 1083,33€587,50€
9m 1125€604,17€
10m 1166,67€637,50€
11m 1208,33€670,83€
12m 1250€695,83€
13m 1291,67€737,50€

Plasseraud Dominique

Rochefort sur Mer / France
  • Sizes:
  • 8m

Spicarolen Thomas

Berck sur Mer / France
  • Sizes:
  • 9m

Monceu Olivier

Leucate / France
  • Sizes:
  • 6m
  • 10m

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18 June 2017

La Furia est bien l’aile la plus orientée surf ?
Pas de 5 m² prévue ?

Pierre ENGEL
18 June 2017

oui la furia excelle dans le surf.
la 6 furia est manœuvrable à 50 noeuds