Skoop Kite Alpha Series

Freestyle and Wakestyle

Pure Performance Freestyle and Wakestyle C-Shape
Ultra Reactive and Light
Technical and Solid

Colors : Light Blue / Yellow | Orange / Yellow | Yellow / Blue | Red / Blue

Sizes : 7m | 9m | 11m | 13m

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Skoop Alpha Series
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The SKOOP ALPHA, the icon of our brand, reinvents, and asserts its performance in navigation freestyle and wakestyle with a behavior without concession, pleasant in navigation in the irregular wind. The mode c-shape hybrid allows a program high-performance very committed freestyle-wakestyle.

Pure Performance Freestyle and Wakestyle

The SKOOP ALPHA is one wing of kitesurf which offers the best of C-shape in term of unhoocked performance.

His performances in freestyle are not to be anymore demonstrated, and grace has its bridage it allows to be cross over in all the disciplines with a clear preference for modules wakestyle and bigs jumps unhoocked in freestyle.

Ultra Reactive and Light

Designed in 3 lats only, Takoon SKOOP ALPHA is endowed with a profile optimized to deliver an aggressive pop. The new rigidity of the SKOOP ALPHA, due to the ripstop double makes it more direct in the piloting, what cancels the movements parasites. Takoon SKOOP ALPHA allies sweetness and speed, what allows it to create naturally its visible wind to tow effectively. Its capacity to be well capped brings a supplement of comfort in navigation.

Technical and Solid.

With the double ripstop the set of wings ALPHA Series gets a more reactive navigation by limiting the deformation of wings in surventes. Wings ALPHA so raise a rigidity and an outstanding durability.

The new construction in TechnoForce Ripstop Double canopy allows very high resistance. We do not introduce any more the famous high-density canopy with strong structure, made up of double resistant threads. Its capacity to absorb various shocks & strength at the sewing level &  crossed panels is reinforced. its high air proof specs and its heavy duty construction generate outstanding performances to the ALPHA Series Kites.

Sold as kite only: Need some bar: Takoon SynapS bar Freestyle

Design & Shape

Designed in association with Hugo Guias, this wing offers the best of C-shape in term of unhoocked performance with the modern assets of a bridage purified on the leading edge (depower and stability). Designed in 3 lats only, the profile of the SKOOP ALPHA is optimized to deliver an aggressive pop, its rigidity is created by its important segmentation of panels for a soft and fluid navigation.

For which rider ?

The SKOOP alpha addresses freestylers / wakestylers which look for a light wing, without concession, pleasant in navigation(browsing) in the irregular wind. But it is also an excellent c-shape freeride and in vagueness(wave).

FREESTYLE: the SKOOP alpha is the wing freestyle and wakestyle high performance. She(it) frees(delivers) an excellent pop and a progressive relaxation of lines what will put you in confidence(trust) to try all the last tricks newschool. For kiteloops, it is the wing which turns(shoots) on the ear with a regular drive. Vagigation unhooked, the wing is also very well-balanced. The SKOOP offers an incredible pop as well as a slack very good to cross(spend) all your tricks newschool. In the air, as during laborers(operations), Skoop remains stable and tolerates the small movements parasites The SKOOP alpha is C-Shape new generation, its dépower allows to absorb gusts(bursts) without having to notch as a lumberjack with the board.
WAKESTYLE: easy redécollage for initiated.
SURFKITE / ROAM: the good speed of travel(movement) of the SKOOP alpha will allow you to take advantage a maximum of your sessions in surfing and strapless.

Windrange (knots)

Minimum Wind19171512
Maximum Wind33272219
Wind ranges are indicative and are given for a 75kg / 165 lbs rider equiped with a Twin Tip board and with 22m flying lines. They can be increased by 1 kt per 10 kg aditional body weight.
Never get out in too strong conditions in regards of your level / weight. Always follow safety rules related to kiting activities.

Technical Features

  • Freeride and Surfkite
  • One Pump inflate system
  • High flow Inflate / deflate valve
  • Requires a 17mm standard connector
  • Teijin TechnoForce canopy
  • Eurocord flying lines
  • Heavy duty reinforcements
  • Kite delivered with :
    • back pack carry bag.
    • Users ‘s manual
    • Repair kit

Range of Use

Verified Reviews Show Certificate
Based on 2 customer(s) reviews
H. Jungsun
  on 26/11/2017
Love my new Scoop kite!
R. Amelchenko
  on 14/08/2017
Heavy in control and very slow - the kaitloop does for a very long time. Maybe he should get used to it...
Sizes List Price Family Price

Plasseraud Dominique

Rochefort sur Mer / France
  • Sizes:
  • 9m

Spicarolen Thomas

Berck sur Mer / France
  • Sizes:
  • 13m

Monceu Olivier

Leucate / France
  • Sizes:
  • 7m
  • 9m
  • 11m

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