WOOK kite ALPHA Series

Plug & Play and Intuitive

Freeride / Waves Program
Plug & Play / Flexible and Intuitive
Versatile & Take-Off

Colors : Red / Blue | Yellow / Red | Blue / Blue

Sizes : 4m | 5m | 6m | 7m | 8m | 9m | 10m | 12m | 14m

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Wook Alpha Series
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The WOOK ALPHA series, our legendary kite which made vibrate generations of kitesurfers is back, more powerfull and more lively for freeride  / waves and freestyle under control.

This kite will match all riders riding TT boards to directionals or hydrofoiling.

Flexible et Intuitive

The program of the WOOK Alpha series is very wide. Indeed, this kite turns fast without loss of power in the flight window. It thus has an enormous efficiency on power by m ²!

The depower is very precise with a short race allows a perfect and progressive control with little amplitude. With its incredible rotation speed, the instinctive piloting, and the extremely intuitive security system, while being very soft in bar, the WOOK Alpha series offer a huge manoevrability and comfort of kiteboarding for the kitesurfers of any levels. We’ll also appreciate it for wave sailing which asks for a sharpness of piloting one hand. The Plug and Play system participates in this ease of use under factory’s setups, you just have to connect and play!

Versatile and Take-off

The WOOK Alpha series is a precise kite, with incredible re-launch capacities. Its profile is resolutely innovative with compact arc design,   relatively important cord width and square tips allow to adapt itself to all the styles of navigation, so validating its versatility.

Strong & Technical

Thanks to the double ripstop canopy featuring all Alpha Series kites provides reactivier navigation by controlling the kite deformation in gusts. Alpha series Kites are more rigid with improved durability.

The new construction with double ripstop TechnoForce canopy allows a very high resistance against the risks of break. We do not introduce anymore the famous high-density canopy with a stronger structure against tears, made out of double resistant yarns. Its capacity to absorb the various shocks of strength along sews, its high air proof specs and its heavy duty construction generate outstanding performances to the ALPHA Series Kites. Our Fortress Leech design improve leech lifetime, by spreading flappements over a vider material area and making them less localised , with smoother leech vibrations.

Kitesurf kite sold as kite only : recommended control bar : Takoon Onyx

Design & Shape

The compact 3 struts shape of the WOOK alpha series generate a very smooth fly with intuitive bar control. You feel easy & comfortable without delay.

Its streamlined aspect ratio and its square tips make it easy to ride whatever your style is. The whole leech is reinforced by a doubling of the spi TECHNOFORCE in the shape of crenel for a friction in the almost non-existent air. Thanks to our system FORTRESS LEECH, the wing no flappe not any more on the trailing edge, it is totally under control.

For which rider ?

Freeride, Surf, Freestyle, La WOOK ALPHA is made for you.

From the first steps you will feel comfortable with the WOOK alpha. Its aspect ratio offers incredible performances. The WOOK ALPHA is the perfect mix between speed, handiness and stability. Present in the harness and soft in bar, she offers a good information feedback and a big versatility. Predictive and unsurprisingly the WOOK will know how to satisfy you in any program, with a preference for Freeride and Surfkite.

  • FREERIDE : The WOOK alpha will make you appreciate its capacity to position in the window, so offering a rise to the simple and effective wind. The feeling in soft and progressive bar and its wide range of wind make a weapon dedicated to the freeride, in particular thanks to an incomparable behavior in low wind range, lightwind, and irregular wind.
  • SURFKITE / VAGUES : The WOOK ALPHA is a wing hyper stable so possessing a big capacity to be to be gone down to the wind and a pressure moderate in bar. You will always know when is situated the wing in the window. The WOOK ALPHA is the ideal weapon to draw your first curves in surfing.
  • FREESTYLE: The WOOK ALPHA  will delight freestylers thanks to an incredible hangtime. The jumps will be put in a total comfort thanks to its flexibility, however, for the navigation more wakestyle and unhooked, we shall prefer the Skoop kite.

Windrange (knots)

Minimum Wind25222018161412108
Maximum Wind403633302725232017
Wind ranges are indicative and are given for a 75kg / 165 lbs rider equiped with a Twin Tip board and with 22m flying lines. They can be increased by 1 kt per 10 kg aditional body weight.
Never get out in too strong conditions in regards of your level / weight. Always follow safety rules related to kiting activities.

Technical Features

  • Freeride and Surfkite
  • One Pump
  • Inflating valve/ deflating high flow
  • Requires a 17mm standard connector
  • Spi Teijin TechnoForce 
  • Reinforcement Fortress Leech n the whole trailing edge
  • Eurocord clamping and lines
  • Many reinforcements
  • Kite delivered with :
    • Transport bag.
    • Users ‘s manual
    • Repair kit

Range of Use

Sizes List Price Family Price
4mSize sold out. New collection coming this Spring
5mSize sold out. New collection coming this Spring
8mSize sold out. New collection coming this Spring
10mSize sold out. New collection coming this Spring
12mSize sold out. New collection coming this Spring
14mSize sold out. New collection coming this Spring

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