Takoon Hydrofoil / Kitefoil

Performance and accessibility

Exclusive foil shape

Full carbone construction

Performance and easy handling

Adaptable mast ketos

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Takoon Hydrofoil / Kitefoil
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Takoon foil is 100% made in France by a SMB (small and medium business’) who have been working with composite materials for the last 25 years.

The most advanced methods of fabrication have been selected in function with the constraints of each element of foil.

Its full carbon conception allows us to offer an ultra-resistant foil, rigid and light at the same time.

This foil which can be easily dismantled can be ready in five minutes. The assembling and montage logistics have been tested and approved for the past 4 years. You can dismantle it partially or totally according to your needs and preferences. The drift is positioned on the top of the fuselage for a better balance while turning.
The size of the mast is adapted for the riders who seek versatility and accessibility.
Extensive work of R&D allowed obtaining a combination of sails offering a very stable ride Goodbye to unpleasant yoyo sensations. The pitching is definitively mastered.
595cm² of the wing allows a very important course without sacrificing speed. Fine profile with an adapted twist delivers an incomparable glide. The Takoon foil slides like rollerblades in Abec 9. Once on the move, even with little power in the sail, you can progressively gather speed. And you can really take speed if you load the sail.
It is now possible to choose a sail size, one or even two below what you usually use. Navigation in fair weather conditions between 6 and 12 knots requires sizes from 12 to 14 m².

Range of Use


Technical Features

  • Mast size : 92 cm
  • Front wing size : 62 cm / 595 cm² / average cord 95 mm
  • Setup 4 unmountable pcs: Mast, fuselage, front wing, stabilo
  • KF Box
  • Weight 3 kg
Weight: 2.2 kgs / 4.9 lbs
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