Created by Bruno Legaignoux, the patent holder of inflatable wings, Takoon impressed people during the past decade with a pioneering and innovative spirit, always introducing such concepts that have made history with the Skoop, Wook kites and not to mention the Nova, the first type of BOW kite, and also seeing into its team the most illustrious names such as Franz Olry, Marc Gondard Luciano Gonzales, Bruno Sroka and Julien Kerneur.

The “Takoon” flight feeling appears with light wings, stable and fluid, already introducing the concept of depower. The shapes as reference and the brand is innovative in terms of design.


Assiduous in his mind from the start and its location near Montpellier in southern France, one of the world kitesurfings best locations, Takoon is also a large family with Takoon Family, a community of riders resolutely turned towards travel and passion for kitesurfing.

  • 2016

    Takoon goes direct

    Aware of the changing distribution in the recent years, the rise of online sales and kitesurfing equipment price inflation, Takoon radically changes the distribution of its products and now sells only online with Takoon Family club price with immediate benefit of the kitesufers.

  • 2015
    PXX_KiteAcademy 2015 -6-2

    The Skoop is back

    Brand iconic model when Takoon starts, the Skoop is back in the range in a modernized version after the bow kite years. Still a C-shape but with a great depower and a good re-launch. The ultimate weapon for the new school freestyle tricks it is nonetheless very versatile!

    Launched in the Pro series version similar to the development prototypes kites first.

  • 2014

    Brand of the Year at the 2014 Kitenews awards!

    The Takoon Family is elected Brand of the Year at the 2014 Kitenews awards !

    The Icon marks a new era in terms of surfkite shape.

    Onyx bar introduced quick release push system.

    Takoon sells one of the first foil production board, the Flyer.

    Marine Duprat is crowned freestyle French champion and Hugo Guias finished third with the new Skoop Pro Series kite!

  • 2013

    Introducing Gamma Range!

    Gamma collection introduce Takoon’s new products renewal policy. These are no longer routinely renewed each year but are in terms of their development, the commercial life of the products is so extended. These collections are numbered based on the Greek alphabet.

  • 2012

    Mallory joined the Takoon Family!

    Mallory De La Villemarqué Takoon joined the Family.

    From the Caribbean and based in Tarifa, Mallo is an iconic rider.

    Freestyler but very versatile, he helps on products developments.

    Marie Gautron, KSP wave vice champion wave also enlarges the team.

  • 2011

    The era of freeride kite

    Reflex kite marks the era of freeride kite with moderate aspect ratio.

    The Takoon Family travels around Europe with a camping van.

    P & J bought the Takoon brand to Bic Sport.

    Mayeul Rifflet crosses Mediteranean sea from Marseille to Calvi kiting.

    Julien Kerneur was crowned European race champion with the Chrono kite.

  • 2010

    The Chrono World Champion

    The Chrono is the high performance freeride kite that brings Bruno Sroka to his world race title.

  • 2009

    Source and Lux board arrive!

    Source and Lux ​​are the new twin of the range.

    The Source is the freeride board and Lux is aimed to freestylers.

  • 2008

    Crossing of Cape Horn in kite!

    Bruno Sroka is the first man to cross the Cape Horn kiting, with the Nova3!

  • 2007

    The beginning of hybrid kites

    The Furia shows the beginning of hybrid kites, combining the best of “C shapes” performance while offering the comfort, safety and wind range of bow kites.

    The Burning surfkite is one of the first directional production wave boards.

    Bertrand Fleury, wake style and surf style charismatic rider enlarges the team.

  • 2006

    ENova « easy Nova »

    ENova “easy Nova” is the declination of the Nova.

    Karma & Sutra are the new twin of the range. Karma is aim to freeride while Sutra is the freestyle board.

  • 2005

    Introducing the first bow kite!

    Takoon revolutionizing the kite market by introducing the first bow kite, offering 100% depower by releasing the bar and a wind range never seen before.

    This kite is the major break in terms of design that kiting has experienced.

  • 2004

    The trend is « big air » , first launch pro models kite

    The trend is “big air” and other “no foot,” riders are looking for big kites to fly longer and ride in lighter winds. Takoon offers Mamoot 18 to 24m2.

    The Mong is the UFO board, Franz pro model, with rounded surf-type rails making surf turn available on a twin tip!

    Takoon launches pro models kite for the first time in the kite history: 9m Franz Olry, Hervé Bouré 11m, 15m Luciano Gonzalez.

    Luciano Gonzalez finished 3rd at the Red Bull King of the Air in Maui, Hawaii.

    “Play 04″ DVD marks the spirits.

  • 2003

    The Wook, and the wave master

    The Wook is born, its design combined with a moderate aspect ratio makes it a perfect kite for wave riding, a new discipline at this time.

    Hervé Bouré is wave world champion, “wave master”.

    Tuva Jansen established the first women’s speed record kiting, with 33.23 knots.

  • 2002

    Launch of the Skoop kite!

    This kite is still a reference today.

    It clearly introduces the concept of performance and depower in freestyle.

    Franz Olry, inventor of twin tip boards, is the emblematic rider of the brand.

  • 2002

    Creation of the brand Takoon

    Proud of its French origins, Takoon brand was born in 2002 and continued to accompany and support this fantastic sport of Kitesurfing.