PrydeGroup general manager from 2004 to 2011, passionate rider and working in the midst of winter sports since 1987, Jacques Freydrich took an early interest in kiteboarding with the marketing of Cabrinha in 2001 before taking the reins of Takoon 10 years later in 2011.

Pragmatic and visionary, Jacques was with Peter Engel, one of the architects of a competitor of the French brand, and worked within Takoon for even more ease, simplicity and security.


Pierre ENGEL

A major player in the early Sliding phenomenon in France in the early 80s with the advent of windsurfing, Pierre Engel happened consecutively by renowned companies such as Neway, Tiga, Gaastra and Bic Sport.

The cornerstone of the revivalry of Takoon since 2011 with Jacques Freydrich, Peter Engel is the shadow man that puts the company its know-how and experience of nearly 30 years in the areas of management, marketing and sales.



Emblem of the Takoon Family, Hervé Bouré has always been driven by travel and discovering new horizons.

He discovered kitesurfing in 1999, it was the perfect excuse to live out his dream for those who, very early and before many others, starts in the discipline of kite surfing. A few years later, and always with a step ahead, he is one of the first Europeans to start the strapless trend.

With years of experience in every disciplines, Hervé Bouré is the kite designer of Takoon creativity for developing new product for everyone first!