Our MISSION is to bring you maximum pleasure, whatever your type of riding (freestyle, freeride, strapless, surf, foil, …) and whatever your kiting level (beginner, expert, professional) by supplying quality equipment. Each product in our range is designed for your comfort and safety by a team of specialists  since 2002,  creation date of the company by the Legaignoux brothers, inventors of kitesurfing.

Takoon family is not only words, it is always and will remain sharing and conviviality VALUES that we strive to demonstrate every day by our actions and achievements. Thanks to its history sticked to the Kitesurf sport (the Legaignoux brothers, the iconic Skoop, the first kitesurfing videos, the bow kites ….) Takoon generated a large community of kiters who also share these values.

Our VISION of kiteboarding and its market convinced us to eliminate intermediaries to offer you our high quality products at a reasonable price together with an  excellent service. Aware of the changing distribution in recent years, the rise of online sales and price inflation kitesurfing equipment, we radically change the distribution of our products and now only sell online with the Family Takoon price for the immediate benefit of our customers. Similarly with regard to the  products renewal, they are not routinely renewed each year but are in regards of their development. The commercial life of products is so extended. The Takoon product you buy will not be obsolete in the next 6 months! This policy is in place since the Gamma collection launched in 2013. Each of these new collections are called based on the Greek alphabet.